Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday blessings and silly questions

 One out of twenty has to be different.
Kynda found this frame for me.  It goes perfectly with the Norma Schneeman print which stays out year round.  Are you familiar with Norma's work?
Why would there be pumpkins under the tree?
 Why are these babies not frosted?  And should I add a nose?
Why would anyone put this in a thrift store?

And can you do a blanket stitch this neatly?  These came from the Farm.

One of my blessings is I don't have to go out on this cold day, the other is I have Eddie, Buddy and Jenny to keep me company (family dogs, not mine) and in the crockpot is a venison roast that is smelling so good.  My cousin Mary's recipe, a big old roast, a packet of Ranch Dressing, a stick of butter and a packet of brown gravy.  Hope all is well at your house.


kath001 said...

Love your silly questions. :) Why are there pumpkins under the tree?

I am going to try your roast recipe soon. That sounds like it would be so good and so easy!

Ann said...

I think those gingerbreads look cute without a nose. The roast sounds delicious but my husband doesn't like anything ranch flavored.

Prims By The Water said...

Your prim decor is so festive. Wish I could stay home out of the frigid cold. It was 4 this evening when I got home from work. Hope you enjoyed your venison. Janice

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I stayed at home yesterday too. Way too cold for me, but today I hope to get out to the post office. It's looking like Christmas at your house for sure. I roast in the slow cooker sounds wonderful. Hope you keep warm!

Linda said...

All good questions!
I bet your house did smell good with that roast cooking. I remember the first time I ever tried to cook venison! I was only 15 years old but married with one child and living in a very small apartment. The meat was like shoe leather! My mother in law cooked some and it was delicious! I haven't tried cooking it again since I have grown up. Perhaps it's time! My son in law, Mike, is a hunter!