Friday, December 9, 2016

Visit to Prairie Springs Pottery Open House

In spite of iffy weather PJ drove us to Nancy's for her Christnas open house.  Her studio is in Reading Michigan and she was having a good crowd when we got there.  Everything was beautiful but we are sorry that she had a broken arm from just getting out of the car at church.  Ice is not good.

We have known Nancy from the craft shows and we love everything she makes. These are two of the things I brought home.

I had a picture of the three of us but the photo-taker wasn't familiar with the camera and made a video and all three of us were talking at the same time.  Nancy will have surgery and we hope she gets well soon and back at the pottery wheel.  Thanks for visiting us today.


Susie said...

Peggy, I love your new treasures. There's a lady in the next town north about 6 miles from us...she has a ceramic studio. I would love to go make things with her one day. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Ann said...

I like the two items you got. Too bad about the broken arm. Hope she heals quickly

Prims By The Water said...

What a cute kitty tile...I am very partial to them. So sorry to hear about your craft friend. My SIL just fell and brke her elbow. Janice

Donna said...

Here visiting you as well!
Love your treasures...the color is so pretty!
Hope your friend gets better soon!