Friday, May 7, 2010

White Flowers

This is my Guernsey Cream clematis. It is one of the best ones I think. This plant is about four years old.

These are some little white Anemones passed along to me by Sue, from church. They are really sweet and have good manners.
A bad bear picture for any of you that are disappointed when I don't have crafts. Sweet Meadows pattern. Old wool skirts and flannel shirts make good bears.

It is a rainy Friday in Michigan. I have been reading about the floods in Nashville and I feel sorry that happened. I've had lots of basement floods and can't imagine that a hundred times over. Glenn Hagee says "water always wins" and he is right. I am reading how they are helping each other, even when they have lost everything. That happened to my family in 1937. I was born in 1935 and my Dad always said he got the dates on those two disasters mixed up.Of course, he was just being funny (I think).

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a gardening Saturday and church on Sunday.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your white flowers. I've tried so many times to grow clematis without any luck at all. They are beautiful. It's a rainy day in Ohio too and I've got a drive home in it this evening. Your weekend sounds wonderful!

Wanda said...

Your Guernsey Cream clematis is one I would like to have, Peggy. I must write the name down and look for it!