Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Many Did You Make?

Yesterday, Kathleen (Eggs in My Pocket, A Needle in my Hand) asked me how many dolls I have made. It would be so much fun if I had an answer, but I was always so caught up in the making I never considered how the number would pile up over the years.

The first thing we made was a curved neck duck (remember those?)When I say we I am including my mother, who made doll dresses for me and cute little pigs too. My friend Dorothy was coerced into sewing dolls and doing craft shows with me, and other friends like Jackie and Barbara experienced some arm-twisting as well. That was in the 70's.

We went on from there to make RABBITS (for years) that was a craze that seemed to last forever, then it was Bears, Santas and Snowmen (oh my) .

My mom died in 1996, but I still think of her as stitching along with me even now.
Most of our crafting friends have dropped out , we go to the shows and know very few when we always knew everyone. Barbara has gone to iris folding ; Jackie is a new grandmother but she still crafts and her mom Stella crochets afghans at age 96. I think Dorothy thinks we are all crazy.

Anyway I couldn't for the life of me even guess. For 32 years, even 3 or 4 a week, it is a huge number. So, if you are just starting out why don't you keep a little book and when somebody asks you, thirty years from now, you can say "Oh I made XXX as of today."

Won't that be fun?.

Oh, the bear, she is a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm, I just put a simple dress on for Valentines Day.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Peggy sweetie...
And each one with so much love. I so love this little valentine doll. She is as cute as a button.

I don't think of how many dolls you made, but how many beautiful lives your little dolls touched? Thousand I am sure over the years. Some may not have been buyers, but they stopped and looked at your doll shows. I am sure you have touched thousands of hearts when they admired or bought little dolls from you.

Country hugs sweetie, and thank so much for sharing. I always am touched by your sweet babies. Sherry

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I used to do craft shows with a friend, but painting enough items to have for sale got to be too much as we both worked full time. I loved it then and would do it again as it was alot of fun. Your dolls are adorable and you've a lot of good memories too.

I still go look at them and buy too as there is always something calling my name.

Kitty said...

Love the Valentine's Bear! all your dolls are so precious! Good luck with the lights and fabric if you put in your booth! :)

madcobug said...

Those are cute. Bet you wished you had of kept count of how many things you have made.
I was looking at your weather girl and comparing it to yours. Mine actually shows colder that yours does right now. We may get a snow in Al Thursday. The AL football team has been getting a wide range of coverage playing Texas on Thursday also. That and the weather may be putting our state on the news LOL.
Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.

Connie said...

You have been creative for many years! I'm so impressed! I had a wonderful friend who taught me many things about being creative. She was the creative one, I just went along for the ride.

Darling bear!

Small House said...

Peggy....What a good idea to keep a little craft journal.

WOW...the number of dolls you have made could be hundreds....more maybe??? And they are all so wonderful. This new doll brought a smile to my face. LOVE IT!!
Have a great day.

The Olde Country Cupboard said...

HHi,'just dropped by to say hey.
I love your blog, it would be hard to guess how many dolls I have made. It would be great if I could have one of every doll I ever made just see if they would fill a room.

homedunstitches said...

OK Let me help you with your count I remember 3 Egg Boxes from West Branch (1997) total 22 dolls, 1 Egg box from 1996 Apple Butter show in Ohio, 3 egg boxes Mercy High School 1995 oh and when we first met 10 beautiful rabbits at Joan's house. Yes we should of kept a journal but we sure had fun love Jackie

peggy said...

We did love our egg boxes didn't we Jackie? You could tell if you had enough for a show just by counting them. For anyone who is wondering what an egg box is, it was a long, deep rectangular box with hand holds. The grocery store got, yes, EGGS in them.