Monday, January 11, 2010

Newly made Old Favorites

A combination of a Raggedy Old Annies doll and a Sweet Meadows Farm bear.

The bear is made of osnaburg and the dress is Joann fabrics, except I dyed it with coffee. Button eyes on both.

Everyone likes these little reminder hearts.

Today I am making cookies for Jordan who is in Iraq. Jordan is my grandson (for those of you who are new). I am making Sandra's (In this Small House) chocolate crinkle cookies. It has become my go-to cookie recipe.


Small House said...

WOW...WONDERFUL ANNIE DOLL, and I love the hearts. What a good idea!! I'm going to have to make me some of those.

I have a nephew who is now serving in Iraq. I should make him some of those yummy chocolate crinkle cookies and send them to him. You've got a lucky grandson.
Have a great day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Any grandson let alone one serving in Iraq would love those cookies. Thankfully none of my grandson's are old enough to serve yet, but one of my sons is in the military and stationed in the states right now. He's a career man and has been all over. I know they love to hear from home. Your little doll is adorable.

Kynda said...

crinkle cookies? i need a link! love love