Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big and Little Ponds and Strawberry Patch

This is my little patch of strawberries. They are getting ripe and the robins are eating shortcake. I will have to get up earlier than they do to have a strawberry. Look at my little homemade fence.
My little bathtub pond. Oh boy, we got to come outside and swim, that basement aquarium was pretty boring all winter. Now we need some water plants.
Jeff's pond. His fish get to stay outside all winter.
Happy Sunday to ya!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Everyone's Rose

This is a cutting that I made from the rose bush below. I did it like my grandmother did. After the blooms were gone I cut a piece from it and planted it with a canning jar over it. By fall it had sprouts and I left the jar on the next winter, and took it off in the following spring. I did several and they all grew.
This is the big rose in a vacant lot by us. It gets no feed, pruning, insecticide or fungicide. Yet it is probably the most beautiful rose in the neighborhood. It has it all figured out, living all on its own, completely trusting, requiring only what God gives. I love it and I'm sure it loves me back. Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading is Fun

First, some flowers for you, it's Bee's Jubilee clematis at PJ's. It's a good one to have if you don't already.
John Michael and I have a book club. All about dogs today. He says I pick out good books but I stink at singing. Also she tried to get me to eat brocolli.
Everyone tried to get me to read this book and I kept putting it off. My Melvindale library ordered it from the Dexter Library. It is a real privilege to be able to get any book this way.

Enzo the dog tells the story in first person about his life and that of his race-car driver owner. I will remember two things especially. The car goes where the eyes go and that which you manifest is before you. I always pick out little phrases to help me remember the book.

I hope you like the flower picture and that your day is a happy one.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bears that are loved.....

This is a line-up of bears from years back. Some are artist bears but I made the little ones in front, the quilt one and the calendar one from Jordan's birth year. Tex has lost an eye and all need new hairbows and such.
This little bear has literally been loved to pieces. He will get new joint replacements but nothing that changes the charm that love has given him. To me, that is the utmost compliment a bear-maker can get.
Whoa, what happened to your shoulder? I made this one, she will get dress repair.
Elwood is in really good shape. I put him here because I am amazed that I made him. I don't remember him at all and where did I get this pattern???

It was a beary good day in the neighborhood, visiting with some old furry friends. And it's a good day in Michigan today with sunshine and warm weather. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Hands to work, Hearts to God, an old Amish saying I haven't seen in a long time. I only made a pic of the biscuits because they were a big hit. We had all the fixings of a country breakfast and everyone enjoyed person told me that he never gets to have a breakfast. It was a great success in all the ways that count.

Of course, this is a Sweet Meadows design. I made some of these little girls for a special order...and made a new friend by doing so. Best wishes to you Dee, I'll be thinking of you.
One flower that is blooming in my garden, Texas something or other. It doesn't require anything, just room to bloom.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daily life in the month of May.....

John Michael is teaching me to babysit. This lesson is called "some buckets can go on baby's head."
This is my ASAP angel, little and tedious to make, but still I make her...
My new plant from PJ. It's called Euphorbia "breathless blush", grows 8-18 inches tall, 9-12 inches wide, flowers all summer. See it in the June issue of Garden Gate.

First visit of the year to Graye's Greenhouse, Joy and Lilley Road!!
Happy Wednesday everyone.I'll be helping serving "Breakfast for Dinner" today at Blessed Hope Church. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. The sun is shining today in Michigan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam, Jr.

Little guy, made from a Bird-in-the-Hand pattern......
Much taller and skinnier is this one, a Country Cupboard pattern.
A very rainy day in Michigan, and we have plants to plant. I'll show you some of them tomorrow. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mark

These days I only get pictures of Mark with Betsy and Kyle. That says he is spending all the time he can being a good pawpaw.
I love this picture of Mark and Betsy. Even though you can't see Mark's face, I know he is smiling. Happy Birthday Mark . Love ya!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My new Plant from PJ

This is one of my Mother's Day plants. Please disregard the spinners from the maple trees that are in the photo, they are EVERYWHERE. I will let you know the progress of this plant as the season goes along. It is called "Pretty Much Picasso" from Proven Winners.

If you missed checking out The Farm blog lately, you can see it there also. Her picture is much better than mine. No spinners.

Happy Saturday everyone. Be sure to say a prayer for Sherry of Country Wings in Phoenix.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage state of mind....

I get really inspired by stuff like this.......
look at this amazing little metallic thread shoe. I'm not sure if it is finished, but we are keeping it forever....
and I finished up another Angie with a little of my own vintage sewing treasures. Hope someone will like her.

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, a perfect Friday in Michigan. Hope yours is also.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More from the News Herald Plant Exchange

These were the plants we took to trade...
I loved her little blue wagon, would have liked to trade for that......
This gentleman knew a lot about plants, he always had a crowd around.....
All persons photographed bending over shall be nameless.........
Lastly, the two crazy ladies with their doughnuts and plants. In case you don't know me I'm the one in the ugly pea-green coat that I wear everywhere. My friend Barbara's face was frozen but she managed to join me in a Krispy Kreme.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Consider the work of her hand......

These are some pictures from PJ's estate sale finds. From someone who loved to do needlework. We will certainly treasure the work of her hand.
Embroidery, crochet and tatting (at the center, the hanky with the lavender trim). Look at the pineapple pattern crochet pieces, ready to trim a pillowcase. And this is only a small sample.
And even the tins are keepers! I would have loved to know what else she made as there were also yards and yards of fabric.

Have a nice day everyone, see you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

News Herald Garden Exchange

46 degrees, wild winds, snow, sleet and rain. Isn't this insanity?
I'll trade you a lamb's ear for a pair of gloves. Isn't this madness?
You wouldn't believe how many people showed up with their little red wagons. Isn't this craziness?
No complaints here. We had Krispy Kreme donuts and Krispy Kreme coffee. Free!
This is our Betty in Barbara's van with a list of plants to exchange (give away). Betty wrote us a poem . "A Riddle for You".

There's something about a five letter word,
that thrills me to the core.
It poses possibilities of beauty and much more.

Blooming from that little word,
It's hard to realize,
The scope and breadth of wonder,
you can see before your eyes.

You never get enough of it, it's touch is satisfying,
and the product of that little word is very gratifying.

It offers life to oh, so much of which you can behold,
Purple, red or green or orange, blue or pink or gold.

You 're getting close, can't think of it?
Now don't you frown or scowl,
Go find your favorite garden tools,
and place in hand a trowel.

Neither Barb or I guessed right, our brains were frozen and we kept saying why is it we are here. Betty is lots of fun to be with and Barbara did a lot of work getting all the plants together and labeled.

I hope you too did something today that was totally goofy. It's always good to laugh at yourself. Happy Saturday.

Friday, May 7, 2010

White Flowers

This is my Guernsey Cream clematis. It is one of the best ones I think. This plant is about four years old.

These are some little white Anemones passed along to me by Sue, from church. They are really sweet and have good manners.
A bad bear picture for any of you that are disappointed when I don't have crafts. Sweet Meadows pattern. Old wool skirts and flannel shirts make good bears.

It is a rainy Friday in Michigan. I have been reading about the floods in Nashville and I feel sorry that happened. I've had lots of basement floods and can't imagine that a hundred times over. Glenn Hagee says "water always wins" and he is right. I am reading how they are helping each other, even when they have lost everything. That happened to my family in 1937. I was born in 1935 and my Dad always said he got the dates on those two disasters mixed up.Of course, he was just being funny (I think).

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a gardening Saturday and church on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweetie, Sweet Meadows design

That's not really her name, but it will do for today. I made her from one of my older Sweet Meadows patterns, you can find it by the flower. I get one of these little heart buttons in each package of the hand-dyed buttons that I use and I never know what to do with them. So is this likeable for not?

I planted some seeds today, some cosmos and knee high zinnias and I am potting up some plants for Barb to take to the plant exchange on Saturday. I've never been to a plant exchange, something always comes up on that day. She says it is lots of fun. It seems to be a popular event and a way to save some money.

I hope your Tuesday is happy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Missed my Garden.....

I didn't walk out for almost a week , that's like missing your child's first steps, at this time of the season. Strawberries are blooming.....

The Guernsey Cream clematis is blooming.... under the milk jugs I have Heavenly Blue morning glories started. I'm trying to get them going early this year.
The tin garden lady needs a new flag this year, she is the boss of this little area. She is made of screen wire and plumbing parts and what-else. Everyone loves her but no one can make one like her. Kynda found her at an art fair in Springfield.

I guess the purpose of having sinuses is seeing how we handle it when they decide to mess up. I'm afraid I didn't do so well, lots of complaining and grouchiness. But moving on now, and thankful for it. Have a great May 1st everyone!